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A dear little mother with claws.

In the space of a mere week, Prague revealed to me lessons of life, love, music and writing. An orchestra tour is a time for concerts and music, of course, but also for playing cards into the night and discoursing about everything from space orbital manoeuvre to cold shock response and how long it would take you to drown in the waters of the Vltava river. The week is intense, loud and does not promise time for reading; however, in spare moments and on buses, I had my head in Kafka’s The Castle. I have since read his Metamorphosis and other short stories as well as The Trial, discovering that, much like Prague’s architecture is eclectic and adorned, so is Kafka’s city of writings. Prague is a myth and that much was clear as we arrived that June afternoon, slightly off-beam from the 24-hour bus journey but not uninspired by the shabby elegance of our hostel. The city’s architecture tells tales of many influences; the pointed arches of the monstrous St Vitus Cathedral are irrefutably …